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STEP 1 Select your Crown Height

Crown Height (from 6 1/2" to 7 1/2" high) If Crown Height is not given a 7 1/2 will be made. To obtain this, measure from the center of your scalp to the area where the hat will be worn (i.e. if you prefer to wear the cap over your ears measure to where you would like the cap to sit.)

STEP 2 Select your Hat Size in Inches

Hat Size in Inches - I Just need your Head size/Dimension (i.e. 22 1/2" up to 26" around) You can do this by using a soft tape or a piece of yarn, measure above your Eyebrows and all the way around your Head.  REMEMBER to allow additional room if you prefer to wear your Cap over your ears.

Do not pull tape or yarn tight as you will need it to slide on and off your head with ease.

Hat sizes vary from company to company, please do not assume your hat size, take a quick moment to measure your head based on the instructions above.  Thank You


Hat Size


7 1/8

7 1/4

7 1/2

7 5/8

7 3/4


8 1/8

8 1/4

Head Circumference (Inches)


22 1/2


23 1/2


24 1/2


25 1/2


If you have any questions about obtaining the correct measurements, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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